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NO_ONE is a community that connects and supports individuals who have felt alone and disconnected. Our community is a place where everyone's story is important.

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Just because you are alone or feeling different doesn't mean you don't... 

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Express your personality, values, and creativity. When you are wearing NO_ONE it means you are allowing yourself to communicate who you are, what you believe in, and how you perceive the world.

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What does NO_ONE mean to you?

For me, "NO_ONE" is not just about being by myself, but rather creating a friendly space where people who have experienced the occasional feeling of loneliness, can come together. It's a space where individuals unite, sharing stories, supporting one another, and collectively saying, "Hey, you're not alone in this!" It's more than a brand; it's a community—a friendly reminder that we're all navigating the ups and downs together, turning moments of solitude into opportunities for connection and understanding. So, in my world, "NO_ONE" is a community ready to cheer each other on and make sure no one feels truly alone.

What do you think of NO_ONE products?

I love the latest hoodies! I can't get enough of their incredible softness and comfort. The fabric feels soft against my skin, making them my ultimate choice for cozy relaxation. The new colors are a game-changer, offering a spectrum that lets me express my mood and style effortlessly. These hoodies seamlessly transition from lazy days at home to casual outings with friends, striking the perfect balance between comfort and style. The thoughtful design, including the practical front pocket and snug hood, adds both functionality and flair. In essence, these hoodies have become more than just clothing; they've become my go-to source of comfort and a statement piece in my wardrobe, making every day a little cozier and a lot more stylish.

Initial thoughts

Initially, I was a bit confused, but as I delved deeper into learning about the brand, I realized it symbolizes more than just a product—it embodies a sense of community, a space where I truly belong. Seeing the CEO & Founder was particularly comforting, as he, too, is a black man like myself, searching for a community where acceptance is genuine and unapologetic. It resonated with me on a personal level, reinforcing the idea that there's a place where individuals are embraced for who they are.