NO_ONE had their first-ever unity market, at Connecticut College, on February 19, 2022. They had an opportunity to sell their products and connect with their community. One student won a free NO_ONE tote bag at the market.


The Unity Market held at Connecticut College on February 19, 2022, marked a significant milestone for NO_ONE and their customers. NO_ONE provided a unique showcase to sell their products while fostering a sense of community engagement.

For many, this event represented more than just a market; it was a symbol of unity and collaboration within the student body. Students from various backgrounds and disciplines came together to share their talents, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. The atmosphere was vibrant, filled with the hustle and bustle of students eager to present their innovative products and connect with their peers.

The Unity Market served as a microcosm of the diverse talents and passions that exist within the Connecticut College community. From handmade crafts to artistic creations, the market featured a wide array of unique products that reflected the individuality and creativity of each student entrepreneur. It was not merely a commercial venture but a celebration of the collective creativity and enterprise of the student body.

Beyond the business aspect, the market provided an invaluable opportunity for students to establish connections within their community. Networking and building relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and potential customers were essential components of the event. Students had the chance to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and gain insights into different industries.

As a special highlight, one fortunate student experienced an extra thrill by winning a free NO_ONE tote bag. This added a fun and rewarding element to the event, enhancing the overall positive atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on those in attendance. The tote bag, a symbol of the NO_ONE brand, became a tangible representation of the supportive and inclusive community that the Unity Market aimed to foster.

In retrospect, the Unity Market at Connecticut College was not just a one-time event but a stepping stone for future endeavors. It laid the foundation for continued collaboration, innovation, and community building. The success of this market inspired participants to further explore their entrepreneurial passions and contribute to the vibrant and dynamic spirit of their academic community.

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